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Please read and approve the following:

I/we the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the above mentioned Athlete do hereby grant permission for the Athlete to participate in any and all cheerleading, tumbling, dance and/or other physical activities (whether one or more, “activities”) while an athlete at FIREHOUSE ELITE, whether at or away from the training facility of FIREHOUSE ELITE (address set forth below - “training facility”). I/we represent that the Athlete is physically able to participate in the activities without limitations. I/we acknowledge and agree it is my/our responsibility to promptly inform FIREHOUSE ELITE in writing of any health updates regarding the Child throughout the year.


I/we give FIREHOUSE ELITE the right and permission to film, photograph, or videotape my Athlete or me/us for any reproductions associated or in any way connected with FIREHOUSE ELITE (including any form of advertisement or promotional purposes).


The Athlete will be coached, instructed and conditioned to compete at the peak of his/her ability. Along with competition and effort to acquire excellence is the reality of possible injury. I/we understand that there is personal risk involved in any activity that includes motion or height and that these activities can result in SEVERE INJURIES, DISABILITY OR EVEN DEATH. I/we, the parent(s)/guardian(s) are assuming full responsibility for the Athlete’s personal safety and I/we do hereby release and hold harmless FIREHOUSE ELITE, its employees, supervisors, instructors (whether paid or volunteer), agents, invitees, officers, directors and shareholders from any and all claims, demands, actions, expenses (including attorney’s fees, threatened or incurred), judgments, executions and liabilities that may occur from any injury, accident and/or incident (known or unknown), including death to the Athlete, that may arise as a result of the Athlete’s attendance at the training facility or as a result of the Athlete’s participation in FIREHOUSE ELITE activities, or otherwise, and regardless of any negligence on the part of FIREHOUSE ELITE.


 I/we further authorize a representative of FIREHOUSE ELITE to consent to medical treatment of the Athlete in the event of an emergency while at or away from the training facility. I/we give permission for FIREHOUSE ELITE to give my/our Athlete first aid and to arrange for transportation to a hospital and receive emergency medical treatment. I/we will assume all costs for such medical care.


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