Coaching the Coaches

When we first started talking about our vision for Firehouse, it was particularly important that we create an environment for our coaches to thrive and grow. We strive for a program that not only focuses on developing our athletes, but our coaches as well. We recognize the success of a cheer program is directly related to the passion and abilities of its coaches. We want them to feel comfortable setting big goals for themselves and provide them the resources to achieve great things.

One way we accomplish this is through our team coaching approach. We identify the strengths of each coach and they involve each other to benefit every team. Each team has a designated head coach, but the athletes will bond with all the coaches at the gym since they will be regularly attending practices and applying their individual expertise. For instance, if one coach is particularly skilled at stunting and identifying grip and positioning technique, they will provide guidance while working with another head coach.

Of course, for this to work, it is imperative we have the right coaching team with the right attitude. This begins with bringing people on board who possess a growth mindset, are eager to learn and try new things, and are supportive of one another. As a group, we all identify things important to us in our working environment and commit to doing what is necessary to maintain that.

Our coaches set individual short term and long-term goals. We create a development plan for each of them and touch base on progress with monthly check-ins. There are unlimited resources available to support them including certifications, mentorship programs, and other classes. Their goals aren’t just related to level skills and winning records (although that is included). They are also about finding new ways to positively motivate and connect with their athletes, learning more about the sport cheer, as a whole, and general professional development.

At Firehouse Elite, we want our entire staff to feel happy, safe, and encouraged so they can bring that same feeling to their athletes. We want our athletes to have a consistent experience regardless of who their head coach is. We want families to feel confident knowing their kids are gaining athletic skills, life skills, and leadership skills as part of our program. We set high standards for ourselves and commit to doing all we can to exceed them.

Angie Henderson

Firehouse Elite Owner

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