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Our coaches embody the vision and culture at Firehouse Elite.  We require our coaches to be  USASF certified in all levels offered.  They are all trained in First Aid, CPR and concussion protocol.  Our coaches are dedicated to their continued development. They take advantage of numerous opportunities to enhance their talent, including leadership courses, coaching conferences and mentorship programs.
You will feel their passion and dedication when you see them in their element.

Alaina Pier


Alaina Pier has spent most of her life in a gym. She started gymnastics at age 2 and hasn’t stopped since. She competed as a gymnast for 15 years, and has won multiple state champion medals. She ended her gymnastics career as a level 10 gymnast, the highest level within the Junior Olympic program. 

She’s currently double majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice, but her passion has always been tumbling. The past 6 years she’s coached gymnastics and high level tumbling. Her athletes have attended National Championships the past four consecutive years, and the reigning National Champion was one of the athletes coached by Alaina. 

Alaina is an advocate for positive coaching, and creating healthy coach/athlete relationships. She strongly believes in getting to know each individual athlete, so she can meet their needs and help them reach their goals in a way that is encouraging and beneficial to every person she coaches. While demanding hard work and determination, she also believes the road to success should be fun, and a positive experience for everyone involved; teaching life lessons that will last with the athletes far longer than just their time in the sport. 


Amaya Gales

Amaya has 12 years of competitive gymnastics experience at levels 5-10. She was recently inducted into the Kamiakin High School Hall of Fame for winning Gymnastics State in her junior and senior years. She completed 2 years of competitive cheer experience on a Senior Level 4 team. Amaya has several years of coaching experience, most recently for our Recreational Cheer teams and All-Star Tiny Novice team. Amaya is consistent and patient. She creates strong bonds with her athletes and takes her coaching role seriously.  Amaya has a passion for developing her athletes. Her favorite part of coaching is watching them grow and achieve their goals. Amaya also teaches our Beginning Tumbling, and Level 1 Tumbling, as well as offers private tumbling lessons.

Anna Soulsey


Anna was born in The Marshall Islands and moved to the Tri Cities at the age of 12.  She started cheering and never looked back.  In her 7 years as an athlete she competed at many different levels with multiple trips to National Competitions.  Some highlights include placing 2nd at UCA Nationals in Orlando, FL and winning the National Championship title at USA Championships in Anaheim, CA.  She also cheered for Hanford High School for 3 year ending her senior year with a High School Nationals win in Las Vegas, NV.  

After high school,  she transitioned into coaching and has coached for numerous gyms in the Tri Cities.  In her years as a coach she has won multiple National Titles.  In the 2017-2018 season her Youth 1 team received a PAID bid to the D2 Summit.  In the 2018-2019 season, her Youth 2 team earned a bid to the D2 Summit and after advancing to day 2, placed 5th in the Nation.  Last season, she took a step back as head coach to grow her family and her J3 team that she assisted on earned a bid to the D2 Summit. 

As a coach, she wants to teach her athletes to be strong, both physically and mentally.  Anna enjoys helping athletes find their voice; it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them.  Anna loves coaching, but she loves her athletes more. It’s important to her they know their worth and find a second home here at Firehouse.


Austin Foresman

Austin is a Kennewick native who has a vast athletic career.  Starting at the age of 5, he played varsity football and baseball all 4 years of high school.  During this time he earned 1st Team All-Conference and became starting varsity quarterback his freshman year.  As the starting pitcher and centerfielder for his baseball team he placed 2nd place at state and was 1st Team All-Conference all four years.

Austin has been married to his wife Anna for 1 year.  They have 2 amazing children, Freya and Kingston.  Austin currently works for US Bank as a Client Relationship Consultant.

Austin wasn’t exposed to cheer until after high school and he fell in love with it instantly.  He loves the whole dynamic of the sport and the competitive atmosphere of each competition.  Headed into his second year of coaching he looks forward to the opportunity to impact the lives of his athletes.  His goal is to teach his athletes something they can carry with them the rest of their lives.  Austin wants to help his athletes develop the mindset of never giving up.  He wants them to believe in the process and themselves.  He believes mental toughness is just as important as physical toughness.  Austin’s goal is not only to win but to create winners in his athletes on and off the mat. 


baylee Morris

Baylee has done cheer for two years. This is her first year as a coach! She has always wanted to coach since last year when she could come to J1 practices and watch and learn how to be the best coach she can be. this year she is currently on J2 and filling in on S3. She is a junior coach for our Tiny 1 team, Dalmatians, and our Rec team, Spark. She is so excited to watch them hit the mat this season with her teams and can wait to continue working with all these amazing coaches! 


Haley Meyers

Haley was born and raised in the Tri -Cities.  She started cheerleading at the age of 5 and competed for 12 years in both competitive and high school cheer.  During these years she competed with teams that placed 2nd at UCA Nationals in Orlando, FL and won the National Championship title at USA Championships in Anaheim, CA.  Hailey has been coaching for 5 years and has spent the last 3 years coaching alongside her younger sister Kate Meyers. In the last 4 years of coaching, Haley’s teams have had 1 loss and achieved numerous National Championships.  Haley’s teams have achieved 2 PAID bids to the D2 Summit and for the 2019-2020 season both of her teams had the highest score of all U.S. teams in their division

Haley currently works at the Benton County Jail assisting inmates with substance use disorder.

Haley’s coaching isn’t just a job it’s a feeling and a passion.  She finds it so rewarding to watch an athlete transform themselves from a quiet girl to dancing in the spotlight at a competition.  Coaching to her, is taking a timid athlete with anxiety and helping him/her realize their full potential in themselves and their teammates.  Haley loves that Firehouse works together to make the gym a place that athletes, families and coaches want to be a part of.


Kate Meyers

Kaitlyn was born and raised in Tri cities where she started her cheer career at 3 years old. She cheered all the way up to the age of 18, where she then aged out of the sport. In the 15 years Kaitlyn cheered, she competed all over the country and won a countless number of National Championship Titles with her teams. In her late stages of cheerleading, Kaitlyn’s team received a PAID bid to the D2 Summit in Orlando Florida where they placed 5th in the nation.  After her cheer career came to an end, she started coaching alongside her older sister Haley Meyers. Kaitlyn’s first-year coaching,  the team earned a PAID bid to the D2 Summit in Orlando FL. They advanced to Day 2 and placed 5th in the nation. For the 2020 cheer season, the Youth Level 1 and Mini Level 1 team went undefeated the entire year both achieving their goal of scoring over a 98. One team received a PAID bid to the D2 Summit in Orlando, and the other team received a bid to the U.S Finals in Chicago. Going into the D2 Summit and U.S Finals, both teams held the highest score out of all the U.S teams in their division. Then COVID hit and there was an abrupt ending to their season.  
Kaitlyn’s goal for the upcoming years of coaching is to learn and strive to be the best and most influential coach she can be. She wants to create a safe, fun, loving environment, yet expects hard work, development and commitment from her athletes. Kaitlyn can be fun and silly at practice, but when there is work to be done, that will always be her first priority.


Sydney peterson

Sydney was born and raised in Kennewick, WA. She has been involved in cheerleading since she was 11 years old. She took three years off from competitive cheer to concentrate on high school cheer but returned to All-Star Cheer her senior year. During the 2021-2022 season, both of her teams earned a bid and went to the D2 Summit in Orlando, FL. Her Senior 2 team advanced to finals and placed 4th in the nation. This season she is currently on Senior 3 and Senior 4 as well as junior coaching Tiny 1 and the Rec team. Sydney is excited to continue growing as a coach by helping each of the athletes achieve their goals and find the same love for cheerleading as she does.



Taylor was born and raised in the Tri-cities. She started cheerleading at the age of 8 and was a
competitive cheerleader as well as a high school cheerleader. During these years she competed at UCA
nationals in Orlando Florida and got 2 nd place with both of her teams. Her senior year in high school she
got the opportunity to go to State championship with her team. After cheering for 10 years Taylor
coached high school for 3 years taking them to state all 3 years. Taylor currently works for Center Vision
Clinic as a medical assistant. When Taylor is not working, she likes to spend exploring the Pacific
Northwest and spending time with her dog Rosco and her husband Caleb. Taylors goal for coaching is to
give athletes confidence as well as watching them grow into a sport she loved.


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Cadence Iversobn

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